Quran Roman Urdu | 2024

The Quran is the holy book of Islam, considered by Muslims to be the word of God as revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the angel Gabriel. It is traditionally written in Arabic and is divided into chapters called Surahs, which are further divided into verses known as Ayahs.

Translating the Quran into different languages allows non-Arabic speakers to understand its teachings. One of the languages used for translation is Roman Urdu, which is a transliteration of the Urdu language using the Roman alphabet.

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When the Quran is translated into Roman Urdu, each Arabic word is converted into its Urdu equivalent using Roman letters. This allows Urdu speakers who are more comfortable with the Roman script to read and understand the Quran. However, it’s important to note that translating the Quran into any language, including Roman Urdu, may not fully capture the depth and richness of the original Arabic text, as Arabic is considered the language of revelation in Islam.

1Al-FatihaThe Opening
2Al-BaqarahThe Cow
3Al-ImranThe Family of Imran
4An-NisaThe Women
5Al-MaidahThe Table Spread
6Al-An’amThe Cattle
7Al-A’rafThe Heights
8Al-AnfalThe Spoils of War
9At-TawbahThe Repentance
13Ar-Ra’dThe Thunder
15Al-HijrThe Rocky Tract
16An-NahlThe Bee
17Al-IsraThe Night Journey
18Al-KahfThe Cave
21Al-AnbiyaThe Prophets
22Al-HajjThe Pilgrimage
23Al-Mu’minunThe Believers
24An-NurThe Light
25Al-FurqanThe Criterion
26Ash-Shu’araThe Poets
27An-NamlThe Ant
28Al-QasasThe Stories
29Al-AnkabutThe Spider
30Ar-RumThe Romans
32As-SajdaThe Prostration
33Al-AhzabThe Confederates
35FatirThe Originator
37As-SaffatThose Ranged in Ranks
39Az-ZumarThe Troops
40GhafirThe Forgiver
41FussilatExplained in Detail
42Ash-ShuraThe Consultation
43Az-ZukhrufThe Gold Adornments
44Ad-DukhanThe Smoke
45Al-JathiyahThe Crouching
46Al-AhqafThe Wind-Curved Sandhills
48Al-FathThe Victory
49Al-HujuratThe Rooms
51Adh-DhariyatThe Winnowing Winds
52At-TurThe Mount
53An-NajmThe Star
54Al-QamarThe Moon
55Ar-RahmanThe Beneficent
56Al-Waqi’ahThe Inevitable
57Al-HadidThe Iron
58Al-MujadilaThe Pleading Woman
59Al-HashrThe Exile
60Al-MumtahinaThe Woman to be Examined
61As-SaffThe Ranks
62Al-Jumu’ahThe Congregation
63Al-MunafiqunThe Hypocrites
64At-TaghabunThe Mutual Disillusion
65At-TalaqThe Divorce
66At-TahrimThe Prohibition
67Al-MulkThe Sovereignty
68Al-QalamThe Pen
69Al-HaqqahThe Reality
70Al-Ma’arijThe Ascending Stairways
72Al-JinnThe Jinn
73Al-MuzzammilThe Enshrouded One
74Al-MuddathirThe Cloaked One
75Al-QiyamahThe Resurrection
76Al-InsanThe Man
77Al-MursalatThe Emissaries
78An-NabaThe Tidings
79An-Nazi’atThose who drag forth
80AbasaHe frowned
81At-TakwirThe Overthrowing
82Al-InfitarThe Cleaving
84Al-InshiqaqThe Splitting Open
85Al-BurujThe Mansions of the Stars
86At-TariqThe Morning Star
87Al-A’laThe Most High
88Al-GhashiyahThe Overwhelming
89Al-FajrThe Dawn
90Al-BaladThe City
91Ash-ShamsThe Sun
92Al-LailThe Night
93Ad-DuhaThe Morning Hours
94Ash-SharhThe Relief
95At-TinThe Fig
96Al-alaqThe Clot
97Al-qadrThe power
The Clear Evidence
99 Az-Zalzalah

The Earthquake
100Al-AdiyatThe Courser
101Al-Qari’ahThe Calamity
102At-TakathurRivalry in worldly increase
103Al-AsrThe Declining Day
105Al-FilThe Elephant
107Al-Ma’unsmall Kindnesses
109Al-KafirunThe Disbelievers
110Al-NasrThe divine support
111AL -MasadThe Palm Fiber
112AL-IkhlasThe Sincerity
113Al-FalaqThe Daybreak
114An-nasThe mankind

Translations of the Quran into Roman Urdu often include explanations or interpretations (tafsir) of the verses to help readers understand their meanings and context. These explanations may draw upon classical Islamic scholarship, historical context, linguistic analysis, and other sources to provide insights into the Quranic text.

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Overall, translating the Quran into Roman Urdu serves as a valuable tool for Urdu-speaking Muslims to engage with the scripture and deepen their understanding of its teachings, principles, and guidance for life.

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