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The Quran, a sacred text that offers both glad tidings and divine guidance, emphasizes the importance of humanity’s quest for truth on both spiritual and intellectual levels. Each book has its own purpose, and the Quran’s purpose is to illuminate mankind about the Creator’s plan for creation. It aims to answer fundamental questions: why God created the world, the purpose of human existence on earth, the responsibilities of humans during their lifetime, and what awaits them after death. Through this awareness, the Quran serves as a guide for individuals throughout their journey from life into the afterlife. Its primary themes include enlightenment, spiritual closeness to God, peace, and spirituality. The Quran employs various terms such as reflection, contemplation, and pondering to encourage individuals to derive lessons from the signs of God spread throughout the world. This translation of the Quran and its accompanying explanatory notes are crafted with these themes in mind.


Quran in Tamil Language (Arabic To Tamil Translation)”

The “Quran in Tamil Language (Arabic To Tamil Translation)” stands as a profoundly significant and easily accessible rendition of the Quran for Tamil-speaking individuals worldwide. This esteemed publication encompasses the original Arabic verses of the Quran alongside a meticulously crafted Tamil translation, rendering the sacred scripture comprehensible and reachable for Tamil-speaking readers.

Within the pages of this book, the timeless verses of the Quran in Arabic are thoughtfully paired with a clear and culturally attuned Tamil translation, fostering an intimate connection between readers and the Quran in their native language. This edition strives to transcend linguistic and cultural barriers, enabling Tamil-speaking communities to immerse themselves in and glean insights from the Quran’s teachings and wisdom.

Presenting the Arabic and Tamil texts side by side, this edition ensures that readers can engage directly with the sacred verses, with the Tamil translation providing a clear and expressive interpretation. Moreover, the translation takes into account the cultural nuances and sensitivities of the Tamil-speaking community, resulting in a rendition that resonates culturally and linguistically.

Ultimately, this rendition of the Quran serves as universal counsel delivered in a native tongue, empowering Tamil-speaking individuals to access and embrace the guidance and wisdom encapsulated within the Quranic verses.


அதிகாரங்கள் – سورة – Chapters

The Quran consists of 114 chapters, known as surahs, each of which varies in length and covers various topics. Here are the names of the 114 surahs in the Tamil language:

  1. அல்-ஃபாதிஹா (Al-Fatiha)
  2. அல்-பாக்கரா (Al-Baqara)
  3. அல்-இம்ரான் (Al-Imran)
  4. அல்-நிசா (An-Nisa)
  5. அல்-மாதா (Al-Ma’ida)
  6. அல்-அனாம் (Al-An’am)
  7. அல்-அராஃப் (Al-A’raf)
  8. அல்-அன஫ால் (Al-Anfal)
  9. அத்-தோவ்பா (At-Tawbah)
  10. யூனுஸ் (Yunus)
  11. ஹுத் (Hud)
  12. யூஸுஃப் (Yusuf)
  13. அர்-ராஅஹ் (Ar-Ra’d)
  14. இப்ராஹீம் (Ibrahim)
  15. அல்-ஹிஜ்ர் (Al-Hijr)
  16. அன்-னஹ்ல் (An-Nahl)
  17. பன்னீ இஸ்ரா (Al-Isra)
  18. அல்-கஹ்ஃப் (Al-Kahf)
  19. மர்யம் (Maryam)
  20. தஹ்ரீம் (Taha)
  21. அன்-அம்பியா (Al-Anbiya)
  22. அல்-ஹஜ்ஜ் (Al-Hajj)
  23. அல்-முமினூன் (Al-Muminun)
  24. அன்-நூர் (An-Nur)
  25. அல்-ஃபுர்கான் (Al-Furqan)
  26. அஷ்-ஷுஆரா (Ash-Shu’ara)
  27. அன்-நம்ல் (An-Naml)
  28. அல்-அன்காபூத் (Al-Ankabut)
  29. அர்-ரூம் (Ar-Rum)
  30. லுக்மான் (Luqman)
  31. அஸ்-ஸஜ்த்தா (As-Sajda)
  32. அல்-அஹ்ஸாப் (Al-Ahzab)
  33. ஸாஃப் (Saba)
  34. அர்-ராத் (Ar-Rad)
  35. இப்ராஹீம் (Ibrahim)
  36. அல்-அன்பியா (Al-Anbiya)
  37. அல்-ஃபாத்தர் (Al-Fatir)
  38. யாசீன் (Yasin)
  39. அஸ்-ஸா஫ாத் (As-Saffat)
  40. சாத் (Sad)
  41. அஸ்-ஸாஜ்த்தா (Az-Zumar)
  42. அஸ்-ஸாபூர் (As-Sajda)
  43. அல்-போய்யன் (Al-Mu’min)
  44. அல்-முய்யம்மின் (Al-Mu’minun)
  45. அன்-நாஸ்ர் (An-Nur)
  46. அல்-கஹ்ஃப் (Al-Kahf)
  47. அல்-அங்காபூத் (Al-Ankabut)
  48. அல்-அன்கார் (Al-Ankabut)
  49. அல்-ஹுஜ்ஜாத் (Al-Hujurat)
  50. குரைஷ் (Quraysh)
  51. அல்-மாரியம் (Al-Ma’arij)
  52. நூஹ் (Nuh)
  53. அல்-ஜின்ன் (Al-Jinn
  54. அல்-முஸாம்மில்லாத் (Al-Muddathir)
  55. அல்-கியாமா (Al-Qiyama)
  56. அல்-இன்ஸான் (Al-Insan)
  57. அல்-முர்ஸலாத் (Al-Mursalat)
  58. அன்-நாசியாத் (An-Nas)
  59. அப்பர்த்ஹ் (Al-Buruj)
  60. அத்-தாரியாத் (At-Tariq)
  61. அல்-அல்-அல்க் (Al-Alaq)
  62. அல்-கஹ்ஃப்யா (Al-Qadr)
  63. அல்-பய்யியா (Al-Bayyina)
  64. அள்-ஸஜ்ர் (Az-Zalzalah)
  65. அத்-தியால் (Al-Adiyat)
  66. அல்-காரியா (Al-Qari’a)
  67. அத்-தகாஸ்யுர் (At-Takathur)
  68. அல்-அச்ர் (Al-Asr)
  69. அல்-ஹுமஸா (Al-Humazah)
  70. அல்-ஃபீல் (Al-Fil)
  71. அல்-குர்க்கான் (Al-Quraish)
  72. அல்-மாஅுன் (Al-Ma’un)
  73. அல்-கய்யாஸ்த் (Al-Kawthar)
  74. அல்-காஃபிரு (Al-Kafirun)
  75. அன்-நச்ர் (An-Nasr)
  76. அல்-மாசத் (Al-Masad)
  77. அல்-இக்ளாஸ் (Al-Ikhlas)
  78. அல்-ஃபாலாக் (Al-Falaq)
  79. அன்-நாஸ் (An-Nas)

These are the names of all 114 chapters of the Quran in Tamil. Each surah holds unique significance and addresses various aspects of faith, guidance, and life.

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quran in tamil language

The Quran, revered by Muslims worldwide as the ultimate divine revelation, stands as a timeless beacon of guidance, offering profound wisdom and solace to humanity across the ages. Known as the Quran-e-Majeed, it is considered the eternal word of Allah, the most merciful and powerful, who safeguards its integrity and preservation.

Within the intricate verses of the Quran, Allah provides comprehensive guidance for every facet of life, addressing the myriad challenges, dilemmas, and complexities encountered by Muslims. It serves as a roadmap for navigating the trials and tribulations of existence, offering solutions rooted in faith, morality, and divine wisdom.

Immersing oneself in the Quran is not merely a religious obligation but a fundamental necessity for every individual, transcending gender and cultural boundaries. Its profound message resonates with all of humanity, transcending time and place, offering timeless wisdom and guidance to Muslims worldwide.

Platforms like Urdu Point provide invaluable access to the Quran in Tamil, ensuring that individuals can engage with its teachings effectively and conveniently. This unrestricted access enables Muslims to deepen their understanding of Allah’s message, fostering spiritual growth, enlightenment, and a deeper connection with the divine.

(Arabic To Tamil Translation)

“ترجمة العربية إلى التاميل” يعني تحويل النصوص أو الكلمات من اللغة العربية إلى اللغة التاميلية. هذا يتيح للمتحدثين بالتاميل الوصول إلى المعلومات والموارد بلغتهم الأم، مما يسهل فهم المحتوى والتواصل بشكل أفضل. تعتبر ترجمة العربية إلى التاميل مهمة للتواصل ونقل المعرفة بين الثقافات والمجتمعات المتعددة اللغات.

Originally revealed in the eloquent Arabic language, the Quran has been translated into numerous languages to facilitate understanding and accessibility for Muslims across the globe. These translations serve as bridges, connecting believers of diverse backgrounds and cultures to the profound teachings of the Quran.

As the ultimate instructor, the Quran imparts invaluable lessons on leading a life in accordance with the divine will of Allah. Its teachings encompass various aspects of faith, morality, ethics, social justice, and personal conduct, serving as a comprehensive guide for Muslims seeking to uphold righteousness and virtue in their lives.

In essence, the Quran is not merely a book but a divine gift bestowed upon humanity, offering guidance, solace, and enlightenment to all who seek its wisdom. It remains a testament to the mercy, compassion, and wisdom of Allah, inviting believers to embark on a journey of spiritual growth, enlightenment, and divine guidance.

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