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The name “Feroz” (or “Firoz”) is not directly mentioned in the Quran. However, it is a name commonly used among Muslims, and it carries positive connotations. The name Feroz means “shining” or “bright,” and it originates from the Iranian language.

While the specific name may not appear in the Quran, the qualities associated with the meaning of Feroz, such as light and brightness, are often symbolic in Islamic texts, representing guidance, knowledge, and divine presence.

Language of OriginIranian
Lucky Number6
Lucky DaysSunday, Tuesday
Lucky MetalsCopper
Lucky ColorsRed, Rust, Light Green
PopularitySearched 90,875 times
Name DirectoryBoys Islamic Names, Alphabetic “F” section
Numerology Prediction6
Additional InformationListed in Boys Islamic names section, with 518 baby boy names starting with alphabet “F”
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فیروز نام کا مطلب

فیروز نام کا شمار لڑکوں کے ناموں میں ہوتا ہے۔ اس نام کی ابتدائی تاریخ ایرانی زبان سے نکلتی ہے۔ فیروز نام کے افراد کے لئے خوش قسمت نمبر 6 مانا جاتا ہے۔

فیروز نام کا مطلب “فتح مند”، “نیلا رنگ”، اور “کامیاب” ہے۔ یہ نام ان لوگوں کے لئے خوش قسمتی کا باعث مانا جاتا ہے جو اس نام کو رکھتے ہیں۔

فیروز نام کے افراد کے لئے خوش قسمت دنوں میں اتوار اور منگل شامل ہیں۔ خوش قسمتی والی دھاتوں میں تانبا شامل ہے، جو ہندسوں کے حساب سے ان کے لئے موافق ہے۔

فیروز نام کے افراد کے لئے موافق رنگوں میں سرخ، زنگ نما (رسٹ) اور ہلکا سبز شامل ہیں۔ ان کے لئے خوش قسمت پتھر پخراج مانا جاتا ہے۔

یہ خصوصیات اور عناصر فیروز نام کے افراد کے لئے خوش قسمتی اور کامیابی کا باعث سمجھے جاتے ہیں۔


Feroz Name Meaning

A name is more than just a label; it carries significance, shaping not only one’s identity but also influencing perceptions and outcomes in life. Feroz, a renowned Muslim baby name, epitomizes this notion, resonating with parents worldwide for its beauty and profound meaning.

Derived from the Iranian language, Feroz exudes brilliance and radiance, embodying qualities of victory and success. In Urdu, its meaning, “فتح مند٬ نیلا رنگ، کامیاب,” further emphasizes its luminosity, associating it with triumph and the serene blue hue of achievement. This multifaceted interpretation underscores the depth and richness of the name Feroz, elevating it beyond mere nomenclature.

Throughout history, individuals bearing the name Feroz have traversed continents, leaving indelible marks of accomplishment and renown. Their stories, woven into the fabric of human achievement, attest to the enduring appeal and influence of this distinguished name. From leaders and visionaries to artists and scholars, the legacy of Feroz transcends boundaries, inspiring generations with its brilliance.

Names, revered as the cornerstone of recognition, wield profound influence on one’s destiny. A meaningful name, like Feroz, serves as a beacon, illuminating the path to success and fulfillment. Its resonance extends beyond linguistic boundaries, resonating with individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures, uniting them under its luminous banner.

In the realm of numerology, Feroz emerges as a harbinger of fortune, its numerical association with the auspicious number “6” imbuing its bearers with an aura of prosperity and abundance. The cosmic alignment of Feroz with Sunday and Tuesday further underscores its auspicious nature, infusing these days with boundless potential and opportunity for those who bear its name.

Color, imbued with symbolic significance, adds another layer of resonance to the name Feroz. Red, symbolizing passion and vitality, rust evoking strength and resilience, and light green evoking growth and renewal, converge to form a kaleidoscope of fortune for individuals adorned with this illustrious name. These hues, infused with cosmic energy, bestow upon Feroz a chromatic tapestry of blessings, enriching their lives with vibrancy and vitality.

In essence, Feroz transcends its status as a mere name, evolving into a timeless emblem of excellence and prosperity. Its profound meaning, coupled with its auspicious attributes, renders it a cherished choice for parents seeking to imbue their offspring with a legacy of success and distinction. As Feroz continues to shine brightly in the annals of history, its legacy serves as a testament to the transformative power of a name imbued with meaning and significance.


firoz name Moon Sign Personality Lucky Number Popularity

  1. Moon Sign Personality: Determining personality traits based on a name alone isn’t a scientifically proven method, but in astrology, individuals are often associated with specific traits based on their moon sign. However, for this analysis, we’ll assume Firoz is a generic name and provide some general personality traits often associated with the moon sign.
  • Possible traits associated with the moon sign:
    • Emotional sensitivity
    • Intuition and empathy
    • Imagination and creativity
    • Nurturing and caring nature
  1. Lucky Number: The lucky number associated with the name Firoz is “6.” In numerology, each number is believed to have its own unique energy and significance. The number 6 is often associated with harmony, balance, and nurturing qualities. Individuals with this lucky number may find success in areas related to relationships, family, and community.
  2. History: Firoz is a name of Persian origin, and it has a rich history in various cultures, particularly in the Middle East and South Asia. It may have been used by historical figures or mentioned in ancient texts, contributing to its cultural significance and legacy.
  3. Popularity: Firoz may be a moderately popular name, especially in regions where Persian or Urdu languages are spoken. Its popularity may fluctuate over time and across different cultural contexts. However, without specific data, it’s challenging to determine its exact popularity ranking.

Overall, the name Firoz carries cultural significance, and individuals bearing this name may be associated with traits related to emotional sensitivity, intuition, and nurturing qualities. Additionally, the lucky number 6 may hold significance in their lives, representing harmony and balance.



  1. What is the meaning of the name Firoz?
  • The name Firoz means “shining” or “victorious” in Persian. It is associated with qualities of brightness, success, and triumph.
  1. What is the origin of the name Firoz?
  • The name Firoz originates from Persian and is commonly used in Iran and other Persian-speaking regions. It has also been adopted in other cultures, particularly in South Asia.
  1. Is Firoz a popular name?
  • Firoz may be moderately popular in regions where Persian or Urdu languages are spoken. Its popularity may vary over time and across different cultural contexts.
  1. What is the personality associated with the name Firoz?
  • Personality traits associated with the name Firoz may include qualities of brightness, success, and emotional sensitivity. However, individual personalities can vary widely regardless of the name.
  1. What is the lucky number for Firoz?
  • The lucky number associated with the name Firoz is often considered to be “6.” In numerology, this number is associated with harmony, balance, and nurturing qualities.
  1. What are the lucky colors for Firoz?
  • Red, rust, and light green are considered lucky colors for individuals with the name Firoz. These colors may symbolize vitality, strength, and growth.
  1. Are there any famous people named Firoz?
  • While there may not be globally renowned figures named Firoz, there are likely individuals with this name who have achieved fame or recognition in various fields, such as literature, politics, or the arts, particularly in regions where the name is more common.

These are some common questions that people may have about the name Firoz. If you have any specific inquiries, feel free to ask!

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